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Share with Friends and get $10

(off your next order of any MY Chocolate Kits or classes

(when they make a purchase or sign up for a class)

Go to to like, get and share the offer!

Be inspired… & eat more chocolate!

- Holli

Please join us at our next events:


Chocolate Trail Tour

Tasting and Pairing chocolate all along my driving route to NYC & Monhegan Island, ME! Fall 2019 & then Follow me on


All about the MY Chocolate Kits...

A single Mom will put your kit together. Their needs were my needs when I was raising my daughter... to stay home, to have quality time with her, and to be able to make my own work hours as my family needed.

I hope you will enjoy your chocolate making kit and will be a repeat customer over time making more wonderful chocolates. I will also send you a free mold for every referral you send my way who purchases a kit.

MCK :: 843 Hi Circle South, Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657 :: 773-910-1771

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