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We are currently opening the new

MCK Chocolate Kitchen

See you there January 15!

Moms & Youngsters Development Team

Be a part of's Moms & Youngsters [MY] Development team to support a better, happier lifestyle for single moms with kids!

MY Chocolate Kits are a fun & easy way to indulge without guilt! Making your own chocolate gives moms with youngsters the opportunity to be at home with their children and have their own business putting the Kits together for you to enjoy at home or a party. I am a single Mom and now have the opportunity to support other Mom's in my community.

We are proud to be an Eco-friendly, sustainable, and aware company. All our MY Chocolate Kit ingredients are free of chemicals and pesticides. Every kit is sugar & dairy free, chemical & trans fat free, vegan, halal, kosher and gluten free.

Some serious health benefits ::

~ Dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants and a superfood that is higher than acai, goji berries and even green tea.

~ Cacao contains serotonin, dopamine & anandamide giving you that feeling of bliss

~ Fuels the heart, liver and brain to improve memory & clarity

~ Lowers blood pressure and low glycemic levels, & lowers LDL cholesterol

~ Improves skin texture and smoothness

~ Boosts your energy!

~ MILA/Chia seed is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids to protect against inflammation (great for joints!) + fiber, calcium, protein, & antioxidants.

Click on the link to learn more about MILA!

Click on our facebook page for more information on current promotions, events, classes and custom options ::

Philosophy ::

Connectedness, Inspiration, Authentic, from the Heart, Conscious

Testimonials ::

" I just thought I had had the finest chocolate the world had to offer....Then I tried Holli’s creations! It was like a Whole New World of Yummy Chocolate opened up!!! For the first time I was enjoying incredible, creative taste, texture and flavors AND realizing that these wonderful little jewels were ALL NATURAL!!! No more guilt from consuming chocolate that I knew was loaded with sugar and chemicals. And, now I can have a “Kit” that enables me make them at home for myself and for special friends and occasions! Thank you, Holli, for putting together all these wonderful ingredients and instructions. You are my new chocolate Guru!"

~ From a proud and grateful Choco-holic, Becky Johnson

" I have never tasted raw chocolate as good as the ones made by Holli Beckwith. The combinations of ingredients and the variety is sublime. It is a real treat to let them melt in your mouth as you experience the many layers of taste sensations. Her chocolates are the best I have ever known and they are healthy too."

~ Valerie Bennis Owner, Essence of Vali


" This chocolate has some serious scald! "

~ Crystal Barrington

Location ::

843 Hi Circle South

(at the Stables on Slick Rock Creek)

Horseshoe bay TX 78657


224 E. 95th St.


Contact Info :: [email]

hollis.beckwith [skype]

A few words about the founder ::

I am a self made chocolatier! Truly! Not only was my first batch incredibly delicious... but I have not changed the base artisan chocolate at all since it's discovery in 2011. I come from the spa world where for 20+ incredible years so far, I also write indigenous spa concepts and implement spas, yoga and nutritional coaching programs for resorts and hotels internationally.

Though I have been morphing more into this arena as a chocolatier, I am also finding MY way to give back. With this kit, I found a vehicle to begin helping single women with kids, like myself, to live a better life and still enjoy a little healthy chocolate treat without worries! I've also added this amazing new food 'MILA' to my chocolate that ramps it up to a superfood. It's in your kit and if you want to know more about it, please follow the link below.

I had the joy of creating and launching the TX2ME Chocolate Trail Tour on my annual drive to the northeast. It was a truly magical journey which I will continue year after year! Check it out on my page!

I have also had the great fortune to travel to Mexico to find a Cacao Plantation to get a few amazing ingredients from including Cacao Beans, Powder and Butter to put into MY Chocolate Kits. Stay tuned for the launch!

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best opportunity out there to make really awesome, honestly ecstatic chocolate!

Live well, be inspired... eat more chocolate!


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